In January 2018, we informed you about the decision made by Animas LLC to discontinue the manufacture and sale of Animas® Vibe® insulin pumps, close operations and exit the insulin pump business globally.


We also informed you that Animas’ goal is to transition all patients to another insulin delivery system and exit the market by September 2019.


Since January 2018, a high number of Animas patients have already converted to an alternative insulin delivery system, with the support of their healthcare providers.


On this webpage, we would like to reiterate the message we have sent to Animas patients, Health Care Professionals, MHRA, HPRA, Foundation Trusts and Health Boards, informing you of the following final steps as Animas prepares to exit the market:


  • Animas consumables will cease to be available in the UK, both from Animas and Medtronic, on 30 September 2019; and
  • Any cartridges supplied prior to 30 September 2019 will have an expiry date no later than 30 June 2020. Once those cartridges have been used, or have expired, you will not be able to continue using your Animas® Vibe® pump.


It is important that all patients still using an Animas® Vibe® pump contact their healthcare provider as soon as possible to discuss transitioning to an appropriate alternative system to ensure the continuation of their insulin therapy.


Please be aware that we have in place a Warranty Refund Program to contribute to the healthcare provider’s cost of transitioning you to a new insulin delivery system.


Animas will continue to assist with customer support and complaint handling during this last phase of the transition, trying to minimize any inconvenience for Animas patients.


If you have any additional questions, please contact 01494 552028 or visit the Animas webpage at


We remain grateful for your trust, confidence and loyalty and for the opportunity to help you with your diabetes care.




Animas UK & Ireland Customer Operations.