Medtronic expands the production of insulin pumps

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Medtronic expands the production of insulin pumps


Medtronic, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, has announced plans to expand its production of insulin pumps in order to meet the growing global demand for Diabetes treatments.

The expansion involves the company’s existing production line of the MiniMed 630G and 670G insulin pumps, which are designed to better manage patients’ glucose levels on a continuous basis. Medtronic hopes that by increasing its production of these devices, it will be able to provide more people with access to an effective and safe way of monitoring and controlling their blood sugar levels.

The new initiative is part of a larger commitment from Medtronic to “uplift healthcare for everyone.” The company has promised to devote more resources to expanding its range of diabetes products, with seven new insulin pumps planned for release in 2019 and a further five planned for 2020. This is part of a plan to ensure that its devices are available in more than 74 countries around the world by 2025.

This expanded production follows on from recent successes in developing groundbreaking new technologies for diabetes patients. Last year, the company unveiled its SmartGuard HCL Insulin Suspension Auto Mode technology, which helps people with type 1 diabetes better balance their glucose levels throughout the day. It works by automatically suspending basal insulin delivery when glucose levels reach predefined levels, allowing patients more consistent and reliable control over their diabetes.

These advancements are indicative of Medtronic’s continued commitment to make sure that all people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have access to reliable treatments that offer them improved quality of life. With this aim in mind, expanding the production of insulin pumps is an incredibly important step forward and will go a long way towards supporting those living with diabetes around the world.

Medtronic, one of the world’s leading medical technology innovators, has announced that it is expanding the production of its insulin pumps. This move follows sustained growth over recent years in demand for insulin pumps by people with diabetes.

The expanded production will enable increased capacity to meet rising demand for insulin pumps and provide more people with access to the device. Insulin pumps are a life-changing technology for those suffering from diabetes, providing much needed relief from day-to-day management of their condition. For example, these devices can be set to automatically deliver microdoses of insulin so users don’t have to manually measure or inject their own medication.

The further expansion of Medtronic’s insulin pump production will also allow continued development and innovation in the space. By investing in technological advancements, Medtronic strives to make its products more accessible and easier to use than ever before. For instance, Medtronic is working on advancements to their devices like Bluetooth connectivity, which will enable users to wirelessly connect with external monitoring systems and glucose meters.

Overall, the demand for insulin pumps shows no sign of slowing down and Medtronic’s expanded insulin pump production is a welcome move on their part. Not only will it open up access to this life-saving device for countless more people with diabetes, it will also motivate innovation in a field vital to those living with the condition.