Year by year, the sale of insulin pumps is growing

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Year by year, the sale of insulin pumps is growing


Year by year, the sale of insulin pumps steadily continues to grow. These devices are becoming increasingly popular with type 1 diabetics because of the ability to deliver precise doses of insulin, resulting in healthier blood sugar levels.

The rising demand for insulin pumps coincides with greater public awareness of diabetes in general and of advancements in medical technology. Studies have shown that using an insulin pump can significantly improve blood sugar control in people with type 1 diabetes, leading to better overall health outcomes. In addition, the convenience factor is a major advantage for insulin pump users. Pump delivery generally requires less frequent calibrations than other delivery methods, freeing up time to focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, the cost of insulin pumps has also been on the decline in recent years, making them more accessible and allowing hospitals and clinics to better serve their diabetic populations. Numerous companies have developed miniaturized insulin pumps designed for simplified use, providing portability and improved accuracy regarding how much insulin someone needs to take. Additionally, new smartphone apps are enabling better management of glucose levels with reminders and other features.

It’s clear that increased education about the positive aspects of this treatment is improving access to quality care for those living with type 1 diabetes – something everyone can be excited about! The growing sale of insulin pumps indicates a trend toward healthier lifestyles for citizens around the world, making it possible for more people to reach higher levels of wellness through modern technology.

The use of insulin pumps in diabetes management continues to be an important treatment option for diabetics around the world. And though insulin pumps are more widely used today than ever before, a new trend has been emerging in recent years: the sale of insulin pumps is growing every year.

Insulin pumps provide improved control for many people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, with reduced risk of hypoglycemia and better glycemic control overall seen in many studies. Insulin pumps also offer convenience for patients in that they don’t require multiple daily injections, just a refill of insulin reservoir every two to three days. Most importantly, insulin pumps can reduce the physical and mental burden from diabetes care.

The sale of insulin pumps has grown significantly in recent years as people with diabetes become more aware of the benefits they can offer and as an increasing number of healthcare professionals recognize the significant impact these devices have in managing diabetes. In 2019, sales of insulin pumps hit a record high, with over 13 million units sold across the world. This was an increase of 9% compared to the sales figures reported the previous year.

Insulin pump manufacturers are continuing to make advances in technology which are improving both the physical design and functionality of their devices. In addition, innovative software apps and services are being developed to improve user experience and help people with diabetes track their glucose levels and adjust their insulin doses accordingly.

As knowledge about these devices increases and as more features become available, it is likely that demand – along with sales figures – will continue to rise steadily over time. It’s clear that insulin pump technology is here to stay, with manufacturers continuing to push boundaries and make this life-saving equipment even better for people with diabetes around the world.