August 28, 2019


Dear Animas Customer,


As you are aware from our ongoing communications, in October 2017 we announced that Animas was discontinuing the manufacturing and sale of Animas® Vibe® and OneTouch Ping® insulin pumps and would exit the insulin delivery market by September 2019*. Since then, we have offered many programs to help Animas patients transition to other insulin therapies and return their Animas pumps. You are receiving this communication because our records indicate that you have an Animas insulin pump that has not yet been returned.



We want you to be aware of the important information below:

  • Animas Pump Supplies Ending

    Animas pump supplies will not be available from Animas or Medtronic in all markets worldwide after September 30, 2019. This includes cartridges, infusion sets, cartridge caps, battery caps and other accessories for Animas pumps. Cartridges currently being distributed have an expiration date no later than June 1, 2020. For your safety, pump supplies should not be used after they expire.

  • Replacements Discontinued
  • Warranty replacements for Animas Vibe® Insulin Pumps, OneTouch Ping® Insulin Pumps, and OneTouch Ping® Meter Remotes will be discontinued after September 30, 2019. Valid pump warranty claims made after that date will receive compensation instead of a replacement pump. If your pump fails after September 30, 2019, you will need to use an alternative form of insulin delivery until you transition to a new insulin pump.

  • Animas Exchange Program Ending
  • If your Animas pump is still in-warranty, we strongly urge you to transition to a Medtronic Minimed™ pump at no charge to you through the Animas Exchange Program before the program ends on September 30, 2019. To enroll, contact Medtronic. The remaining time on your Animas pump warranty will be transferred to your new Medtronic pump.


If you have already transitioned to another insulin delivery therapy and have an Animas pump to return, please contact us at 1-877-937-7867 to arrange for disposal.

Thank you for being our valued customer. It has been a pleasure to serve you and we appreciate your continued support during this transition.


Animas® LLC




Refer to your Pump Owner’s Booklet for warranty information or online at


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